• southern baptist convention

    The national convention in which Bethany Baptist Church belongs to. Find out what Southern Baptist is doing!

  • missouri baptist convention

    The state convention in which Bethany Baptist Church belongs to. Find out what our state convention is doing in Missouri!

  • dare 2 share

    A site for youth and youth leaders primarily, but adults can use it too. Learn how to share the Gospel with those around you. Plenty of free resources. A "go to" website for all ages!

  • Plugged In

    Want to know the Christian perspective on movies, music, TV shows, and video games? This site will give you a breakdown so that you know BEFORE you use your dollars. Know what your kids are watching, playing, and listening to.

  • Gospel in 6 words

    Propaganda gives a poetic breakdown of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Powerful and to the point, you'll watch it again and again. Good for encouragement and you can refer your friends to this video if you just don't know how to share.

  • bott radio network

    A site where you can listen to Christian speakers via radio through the internet. There is devotions, spiritual resources, etc. for you to take advantage of.

  • national center of bibilical parenting

    Great resources to help with raising children as well as parent resources. You can find ideas to lead your kids spiritually, help with difficult kids, seminars, etc.  

  • Focus on the family

    This site deals with marriage, parenting, social issues, etc. There is suggested websites for kids, e-magazines. Great content for the whole family.

  • lifeway

    A great source for Bible studies and Christian resources.